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I PURCHASED, and "PAID IN FULL" on 3/7/13 a "DIGITAL EXPRESS BOPPING HEADS ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM" " CONPONENTS NECESSARY , to operate system, either not delivered @ all and/or not delivered in a timely manner as stated !!!

Thunder ridge /Bopping Head Entertainment Co. emailed me information regarding A “NEW DEMO DIGITAL EXPRESS BOPPING HEADS SYSTEM”. They stated that, as soon as I paid in full “EVERYTHING” WOULD BE SHIPPED., EXPEDIENT CONSOLIDATED & SHIPPED OUT WITHIN A 24-48 HOUR time period .”EVERYTHING” would . Arrive, Shrink Wrapped, on a Pallet…

I paid them with 2 Wire Transfers, from PNC & Wells Fargo a total of $6950.00 on 3/7/13,. Prior to that I was promised, in writing, that I would receive a “PHOTO BOOTH” NC,( NEVER RECEIVED)…I was also promised a refund of ($178.00 NOT RECEIVED) the shipping cost, due to the fact that the BH System was not delivered, on the 1st attempt, . I RECEIVED 1, OF THE 4 STOOLS, needed, to use the system,( not included on the Pallet), nor received as of 4/18/13.After Thunder Ridge Ent, was PAID IN FULL, I was notified,on or about a week later (3/13/13) that about 5 of the components’ I needed, would be shipped eventually…and again on 3/14/13, in reference to about 4 or 5 more components…. though other resources…(I was send tracking #’s). I’m still not sure, if I’ve received everything, shown on my invoice, because, I don’t know how to open the Bopping Heads System. I was told to download the instructions, information from my computer, I informed the Company that I was having problems with my computer & printer and I needed a manual and/or hard copy. (NEVER RECEIVED). I, The invoice, also reflected 2 TV’s, & other components’, needed, as far as I know I was only shipped (1) ONE TV.I’ve asked for a refund 2 times & been completely ignored, I WANT A TOTAL REFUND !!!

After checking out this Company online @ Scam-book, BBB, etc, etc., I really don’t have the desire,.. Confidence, nor Trust in their ability , to think, they can nor will perform, in a Professional manner, in the future. They appear to be incapable of transacting business

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can you tell me the status of your case now?? i am thinking of buying a unit and not sure what to do, they promised the new photo booth installed and videos, how does this work and can you still operate or its just not operational at all. Don't want to make the same mistake

to ***fused Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States #998597

Hope you didnt buy it I purchased system a hear ago and have never had support nor have I received all the items I was promised. Basically I have 8K worth of stuff I can't do much of anything with.

I was promised photo booth too yeah didnt happen its loaded but i don't have the product code to access it. However if I pay an additional $300 I can purchase a license and open it. waste of money totally.

Great communication prior to purchase after purchase zip.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #769892
yikes. i'm still having issues with them not calling back - i've owned the system for 1 year with ZERO support. This is a joke and now i'm out $10K :(
to Anonymous #769904
Email me or send me your number, I have a court date coming up this month on 1/15/14 :upset :cry
to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #781801

Did you not get what you ordered?

to Anonymous #798415

Same Here. PLEASE Send me your email or info.I don't know what to do.

to Anonymous #920613

Do you still have a case coming up? I'm waiting on my system as well.

to Anonymous Anaconda, Montana, United States #928337

tell me how to contact you I have paid for all of my stuff and never receive all of it about 500 worth of junk off of from some wierd guys name I have never talked to and the place does not return calls or answer emails.


I wish I had read this before I got involved with this company. What a fiasco it has been.

Support is a joke. Delivery was overdue by 4 weeks.

If I ran my business like they run theirs, I wouldn't have a business.

to Mrs. X Roseville, Michigan, United States #726411


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